Julia Finds A Diet Pill That Works... Her Results Were Shocking, Read Her Story.

Our research for the series included looking at some consumer tips they thought would be useful for anyone trying to lose weight during an economic downturn. .

My name is Julia Carson, and I am a health and diet columnist for Consumer Online Tips. At the time Consumer Online Tips began working on this series I had been looking for a diet pill product without the side effects of many other diet products. I wanted something that was natural and didn’t contain ingredients my body didn’t need; I wanted something that also included effective fat burning components. I chose not to take the word of advertisers or manufacturers; instead I spend many long hours researching various ingredients that have been proven to enhance weight loss. Some of the ingredients that appeared quite often during research included HCA, Grapefruit, EGCG (green tea’s active ingredient) and Apple Cider Vinegar. I located many testimonials online from people who swear by these ingredients for burning fat. I read university reports that also stated these ingredients were not only effective for burning fat but also for boosting energy levels. Even a popular celebrity doctor (which we cannot disclose his name due to endorsement reasons as we are reputable and honest source of information) indicated that EGCG has many health benefits for those who are trying to lose weight.

All of us at Consumer Online Tips were uncertain about the success stories we read about people who claimed they lost weight consuming these ingredients. I had tried many different diet pills including the popular Lipozene, Sensa, Hydroxycut, and many other diet pills that I ordered online with NO RESULTS, so it was quite obvious what we needed at Consumer Online Tips was to do our own testing to satisfy our curiosity. What I found the most challenging was finding a single product that included all of the ingredients instead of having to buy them separately. Not only would that have been expensive, but it would have forced me to take too many supplements, something I wanted to avoid. I spent many hours researching before I found a product called Slim Optimum. According to my research, this product includes all the ingredients I mentioned above and also includes other highly powerful active ingredients to enhance weight loss. I was elated to find out every ingredient in the product was safe and potent for enhancing weight loss.

The active ingredients in Slim Optimum
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Caffeine (less than you find in a cup of coffee)
  • HCA
  • Grapefruit
  • kelp
  • EGCG (green tea’s active ingredient)
  • Combination of several powerful antioxidants

Julia Carson works for Consumer Online Tips Online as a health and diet columnist. Not long ago she volunteered to participate in a study we were doing on a product called Slim Optimum. This product contains a substantial number of fat burning components such as EGCG, HCA, grapefruit and others that can help the body burn fat quicker. Beverly tested the product in addition to a colon cleanse over a 4 week period and drew her own conclusions. The results were nothing less than amazing.

She lost 13 lbs in 4 weeks.

In the beginning we had some doubts about Slim Optimum but seeing the benefits removed all our skepticism. The product is not just a powerful weight loss enhancer but also works as an energy booster. Beverly was also able to improve her sleeping habits in order to wake up refreshed and ready for a new day.

Step 1:

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Step 2:

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The combination of these two products is the key to obtaining results similar to those Julia Carson achieved.

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The active ingredients in Slim Optimum have been mentioned on several news networks:

ABCCelebrity Doctor states EGCG is a very powerful antioxidant. Laboratory studies indicate that people who drink several cups of green tea on a daily basis can lower their bad cholesterol and lose weight easier.
    - ABC News

MSNBCDuring an interview CNN conducted with Dr.Melina Jampolis, they learned that antioxidants can protect an individual’s skin from different environmental assaults. Another fact is that EGCG has the ability to increase detoxification and protect the skin from UV rays. Some laboratory studies also indicate it may reactivate skin cells that are dying.
    - CNN

Reports generated from CBS indicate green tea may be able to enhance weight loss. CBS also stated that consumption of grapefruit may also help you lose as much as a pound each week. Consuming grapefruit can help lower insulin and promote weight loss.
    - CBS NEWS


My next step in the process was to order a bottle of Slim Optimum and in spite of the many ads online for other products, there was a substantial amount of praise and credibility bestowed upon the merchandiser of this product. What made it even better was I didn’t need to order products I didn’t want or agree to hidden offers in order to get the free trial. I also chose Slim Optimum because it has a highly concentrated formula and highly potent blend of powerful weight loss ingredients I listed above.

Claims on the Slim Optimum Website:
  • Helps you look and feel younger
  • Possesses appetite suppressant qualities
  • Includes essential antioxidants
  • Helps boost the energy

These claims did nothing for us but make us skeptical, but we were not going to walk away without finding out for ourselves if the product would live up to its claims. Every success story I read online insisted the key to the most success was adding a colon cleanse product to the Slim Optimum, so I decided to use this method for my study as well. The analogy appears to be the ingredients in the Slim Optimum enhance weight loss and boost energy; the colon cleanse removes toxins from the body that that helps boost the metabolic system and increases the ability of the body to burn calories. The colon cleanse I chose for my study was called Detox Pro.

The Detox Pro Website makes the following claims:
  • Helps remove toxins from the body
  • Removes colon sludge
  • Eliminates bloating and embarrassing gas
  • Helps regulate the metabolism

I was ecstatic to find out the Detox Pro also came with a free trial and satisfaction guarantee with no need to accept any other offers.

Testing the Products Together

I reviewed information from both manufacturers that indicated the products would arrive in 3-5 days after a customer placed an online order.

When I received my order I found out there was enough of both products to last for a month. This was excellent for me since I had decided to conduct my testing for a period of 4 weeks during which time I would chart my progress.

The only part of my daily routine I changed during the testing period was the addition of

My Results

Week One

After only one week on this diet I was shocked to see the success I achieved. I had more energy than I did when I started, and I wasn’t hungry mostly likely because of the appetite suppressant qualities in the Slim Optimum. Even though I lost 4 pounds, I wasn’t convinced of the diet’s worthiness because I knew you could lose more water weight than anything else in the early days on any diet. I decided to continue with the program and see what kind of results developed over the next few weeks. I can’t deny it was starting to show promise.

Week Two

As I began the second week on the program I still had a high level of energy and was sleeping much better. I no longer tossed and turned throughout the night because I wasn’t able to relax—this is possibly due to the removal of toxins in my body. As the week closed I had lost another 3 pounds making a total of 7 pounds in only 2 weeks time. My skepticism is beginning to wane.

Week Three

I have lost all my doubt and skepticism after three weeks on this program. I lost another 3 pounds this week and am now able to fit into my old clothes after several years of struggling. My energy level continues to remain high during a time most people are exhausted on other diets. I have improved digestion and no longer suffer from bloating or gas after I finish a meal.

Week Four

After 4 weeks on this program I lost 13 pounds. My co-workers at Consumer Online Tips are envious of my success and wish they would have volunteered as test subjects. While my results may not be typical, there is no doubt in my mind that anyone who follows this program will increase his or her chances of losing weight. Slim Optimum will not only help with weight loss but has powerful antioxidants that can improve the appearance of your skin.

The results were amazing!

I Lost 13 pounds in 4 Weeks.

Conclusion: If you are anything like me you will feel skeptical in the beginning, but if you try the program yourself you will definitely see amazing results. By following our own study we were pleased to find out other people besides myself were achieving a great deal of success. You have nothing to lose and can feel safe knowing the product you are using is of the highest quality and doesn’t require you to purchase any other products.

Good Luck with your weight loss

Julia Carson

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